Hi mate, welcome to my little blog!

I’m Justin and always try new techniques and tricks to pick the HOTTEST Babes :)
Being a real loser with women, they said I’m a freak, I’ve tried all type of dating and seduction tips. Btw, you see me on the picture just blurred it out a little so that my neighbors and people in my city don’t recognize me too easily (or my tricks will stop working when every guy in town used them).

After failing a few times I’ve found some techniques that work amazing for average dudes (or freaks as they called me) to
pick 8 and 9s easily (sometimes even 9.5s if you combine multiple tricks).

In this blog I want to share my results with Pheromones, Pherazone especially.

Leave me your comments on the Pherazone Review Blog if you have any questions.


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