Pherazone Review – do you really believe this stuff works?

Do you think you’ll be able to walk into pretty much any club or bar using Pherazone and will be talking to the HOTTEST BABE (a 9 or 10) within minutes? Read my Pherazone Review (it is actually more a story than a review) to find out if it will work for you…

It is a few weeks ago when I tried to figure out if this “pheromone” crap works.
As you can imagine early tests – as I expected – were a freakin disaster.

I sprayed some Pheromone that I got from a buddy on me and hit a few clubs that night.
There were some hotties (8.5 and 9) but they ignored me like usual when I hit bars without this stuff.

Let’s be honest, none of use really believes that these Pheromones work…

I didn’t believe it, but a friend of mine – Dan is an average looking bald guy and I always wondered why he gets numbers from 9s – kept telling me that Pheromones are his secret. Last weekend this guy got four numbers and four kisses and left with the last girl…

That was enough to try this Pheromone stuff myself. My friend did not tell me which Pheromone brand he uses as his secret weapon, but I know he got if from a site on the internet.

I researched this stuff and found 4 websites that offered Pheromones online that looked ok.
So I went ahead, put my wallet out and ordered the four products. I think I spent around 250 bucks for these products. 6 days later I had received them all in neutral looking boxes (don’t want my neighbors to see that I use this stuff).

I tested these “secret weapons” out for two weeks and was hitting clubs and bars every night… The results? None, zero numbers, kisses… I was close to giving up before testing the last product (yes, you guessed it the last product was Pherazone).

I totally forgot I had used “Pherazone” on myself … so just before I shot out the door,
I sprayed of “what I thought” was more Pherazone on me.


I later found out I had sprayed “Product 2″ onto myself. By accident I sprayed a Pheromone cocktail on me without knowing it.

Hot 9s aren't they :)

The results? what a night to remember! No kidding. See the babes? This was just the beginning… Now I knew the little secret of my friend Dan and how he gets all the hot babes.

The next weekend I sprayed just Pherazone on me and the results were better than with all other Pheromones I tested but not as crazy as when I used the “secret-mix”…

So what is my Pherazone conclusion?

Pherazone was the Pheromone that made the difference. I’m not a scientist but I think it has the highest Pheromone concentration of all the Pheromone Colognes I’ve tested.

If you want to test it I recommend using this link here where they have a special discount/deal where you can save a few bucks and get a bottle for free. I also looked for Pherazone coupon codes, but they aren’t any that work. They also provide a 30 day money back guarantee, there’s nothing to lose.

As I wrote I saw a difference by using Pherazone compared to all other Pheromone sprays I’ve used, but the crazy effect came from the secret cocktail.

What is my “Secret Pheromone-Mix”?

My secret-mix is just too special to put it out here for everybody…

I long thought if I should really share my little secret… But now as I found my love and have all the numbers from hot babes I’ll let a few guys in on my secret…

But there needs to be a barrier to entry and I don’t want people to share it over the whole internet in forums, blogs etc. It will not be of any help to all of us if everyone uses the same secret-mix.

So here’s what you need to do if you want to know what other Pheromone beside Pherazone I’ve used in my secret mix:

Step 1:

Get Pherazone through this link (to show that you are really serious about this, the link will get you a special discount deal)

Step 2:

Send me your receipt with your email address here

Step 3:

You’ll get the link to access the secret pheromone cocktail after I verified your receipt.
This will normally take a few hours, but you should get it within 24 hours.

I’ll then give you access to my little secret Pheromone Cocktail I’ve discovered to attract these babes (I’m talking 8′s or above!). You’ll also get access some unique attraction tricks I’ve learnt from a PUA guru.

If you make it, you must swear that you’re not gonna tell anyone else – ever.

The secret will only be shared with a few guys and after that, that’s it and nobody else will get access to the secret mix!

To your dating success,

P.S. Please share your experience with Pherazone or other Pheromones below. I’m pretty sure there are similar crazy stories like mine :)



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2 Responses to Pherazone Review – do you really believe this stuff works?

  1. Matt says:

    Hey Justin,

    Thanks for your amazing tip mate.

    I can’t believe how well this cocktail worked…
    Landed three hot babes (8-9s) only this week.

    Do me a favor and don’t share your secret Cocktail with anybody else…

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